Road House

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Over 45 years of experience, Road House is today a worldwide manufacturer in brake parts for automotive Industry. Our history is a story of continuous improvement and technological development which has placed our company among the greatest brake pads manufacturers leading the production for aftermarket segment into the European Market. Our current position in the industry has been consolidated for a long time by our main keys to the success:

- Advanced technology in friction with a real “state of the art” in production, offering a premium quality product to the aftermarket never known among other manufacturers. Further 130 million pcs. of production a year operated in 12 plants around the world, allow us a deep background and a knowledge in the top of our industry.

- The widest range in the world available in automatic warehouses ready to be delivered all over the world.

- Personality: Aftermarket is 100% our goal. What could seem to be a handicap for some, for Road House is one of its main advantages. Within we haven’t got a complex being an only aftermarket supplier because of our technology, production and logistics, we are very pleased offering our customers everything they really need of a brake supplier.

The underlying philosophy of our activity is the continuous research, development and testing of new friction material compounds in an attempt to satisfy demanding market requirements in respect of performance, comfort, safety and service lifetime. Alternative compounds are continuously analyzed and assessed - ranging from easily available materials such as modified resins or elastomers to ingredients such as aramide fibre or synthetic graphite. This is our ongoing commitment to advanced basic research in the friction industry.

Our long-term strategy as far as new friction compounds are concerned is not cost-related, but simply to deliver the best possible products available with the most advanced technology.

Dyno machines are running on the most advanced emulation software thus permitting to obtain highly representative results to bass the product performance accordingly. The Technical Department is structured into four independent areas to properly deal with the growing requirements of today's independent aftermarket wholesalers as well as with the high quality requirements of OE/OES customers.