From passenger cars to light trucks, Gates offers the most complete line of original equipment (OE) quality products, backed by unmatched field sales support and training programs. Our premium hoses, belts, metal parts, accessories and services help keep things moving down the road while protecting people and the environment.
Automotive OE Engineering
Gates is supplier to all important car manufacturers in the world. Thanks to its close co-operation with these manufacturers, Gates leads the way in design and manufacturing methods.
  • EMD
  • Accessory Belt Drive Systems
  • Synchronous Belt Drive Systems

Automotive Belts

Gates designed and produced the industry's first V-belt and today is the world's largest manufacturer of V-belts,timing belts and multi-ribbed belts.

Synchronous belt drive systems

  •  PowerGrip® timing belts

  • PowerGrip® Kits: A badly functioning timing belt drive system can cause serious problems and it is highly probable that the source of damage to one element in the drive will also have affected the other drive components.The best way to avoid expensive premature failures is to change timing belts, idlers and tensioners all at the same time.A Gates PowerGrip® Kit provides all the appropriate components plus installation instructions in an all-in-one kit and every component in the kit is a guaranteed OE equivalent part.​
  • PowerGrip® Kits Plus: Thanks to the PowerGrip® Kit Plus Water Pump concept, you have all the elements necessary for a complete overhaul in one package, fit for the application. A PowerGrip® Kit Plus Water Pump offers:
  • The same elements as a PowerGrip® Kit 


  • The application-specific OE quality water pump with its O-ring where applicable

Accessory belt drive systems

  1. Micro-V®
  2. Stretch Fit™
  3. DriveAlign® tensioners
  4. Micro-V® Kits
  5. V-belts
  6. V-belt merchandiser
  7. EuroGrip® flexible coupling
  8. DriveAlign® overrunning alternator pulleys
  9. DriveAlign® torsional vibration dampers
Gates customers appreciate the wide variety of choices our extensive coolant hose line offers. The variety of hoses in this line offer the most comprehensive coverage in the industry.
  • Cooling systems
  • Fuel systems
  • Air and defroster systems

Tensioners & Idlers

"Gates is one of the world's leading manufacturers of automotive tensioners for OEM's, covering both ABDS and SBDS drives. "

Automotive Kits

Gates offers kits with OE equivalent components for a complete overhaul of the synchronous and accessory drives .

Automotive Tools

Gates offers several handy and practical tools to facilitate and quicken your job.