For service owners


                                                                  Terms of cooperation

The conditions necessary for cooperation,

  • Regular purchases of Bosch spare parts from the company "BINAM". The minimum annual volume of purchases must be EUR 3,000 excluding VAT.
  • Improving the skills of technical services stuff in Bosch training centers according to Bosch Module training programs.
  • Annual subscription to software ESI- [tronic] with the help of CJSC "BINAM".
    Availability and use of a minimum set of equipment and special tools according to Bosch standards.​ 
  • Compliance with the rules of use of the trademark and symbols Bosch.
  • Participation in the actions undertaken by the  CJSC "BINAM" and Bosch company.

To become a partner of Bosch for the diagnosis and repair of injection systems should:

  • Sign a "letter of intent" with CJSC "BINAM".
  • In accordance with the requirements of the Bosch equip a service station with associated equipment.
  • Successfully complete the curriculum.
  • In the "letter of intent"  make the first purchase of Bosch auto parts from CJSC "BINAM".
  • Sign a cooperation agreement with СJSC "BINAM".
  • Get Bosch partner certificate  from CJSC "BINAM".
  • From CJSC "BINAM" get and put in front of the building stand of maintenance service Bosch partner.