febi bilstein has stood for continuity, quality, service, reliability and innovation for more than 170 years. As a long-established independent family-owned company febi bilstein is proud to be able to offer you an ever-growing and complete range of products with more than 30,000 technical wear parts – which are already available in over 140 countries. In addition, febi is present in over 69 countries with its own subsidiaries or through selected local partners. 

Steering technology – improved safety through quality

Steering parts are a highly sensitive topic. If a vehicle veers off course, this may have serious consequences for the driver. Therefore, steering parts must be produced precisely and carefully - 100%. febi bilstein does not make any compromises in this respect.
Apart from the material quality, mainly the accuracy in fitting is of importance. Therefore, febi strictly comply with the specification of the manufacturers and make sure that it’s steering parts exactly fit the corresponding vehicle type.

  • Tie rod /ends
  • Ball joints
  • Control arms

Engine technology – for smooth driving

When it comes to engine technology febi has a comprehensive range of spare parts for cars and commercial vehicles - suitable for German, French, Italian, Swedish and Asian vehicles.

  • Engine lubrication
  • Engine control
  • Engine suspension
  • Engine cooling
  • Fuel system
  • Fuel management system
  • Engine gaskets

Vehicle electrics for passenger cars – into the future

febi is able to offer you a constantly growing range of OE quality electrical parts to fit all European and Asian vehicle types. It’s product range features many quality parts including engine electrics, body, braking, windscreen washing and heating and ventilation components. Discover the febi range:

  • Engine electronics: air mass flow sensors, ignition coils, crankshaft and camshaft sensors, injection nozzles, lambda sensors
  • Body: steering column switches, light switches, window lifters, brake light switches
  • Brakes: ABS sensors, wear indicators
  • Windscreen washing: windscreen washer pumps, wiper motors, windscreen washer nozzles
  • Heating and ventilation: fan motors, blower resistors, radiator fans

Braking technology – when it really matters

Where brake parts are concerned, no compromise is allowed. febi brake discs exactly match the various brake systems of well-known manufacturers.

Whether pneumatic, drum or disc brakes – febi has the matching spare part. To mention just a few: brake discs, brake pads (pad sets), brake camshafts and brake shoes.

  • Brake shoes and brake shoe fittings
  • Brake discs and brake pads
  • Brake shafts
  • Pneumatic brakes

Care all round - with febi fluids for every type of vehicle

To ensure that the vehicle holds the road even in difficult situations, all of the fitted chassis components must be produced to the highest quality standards. Only high-quality, precision fit parts can guarantee the necessary braking and steering safety – for greater driving comfort, safety and dynamics.

The febi range of products features a large selection of safety critical chassis components from strut top mountings, connecting rods and anti-roll bars to wheel bearings and control arms, which is continually being extended.

Original febi wheel bolts are characterised by their dimensional correctness, excellent fitting properties and constant pretensioning times. The choice of wheel bolts which extends to both aluminium and steel wheel rims and to almost all vehicle types, is huge. The line of febi products also includes wheel nuts and bolts with anti-theft devices.

febi plus

  • guide funnel
  • door handle
  • door arrester
  • cross joints
  • valve for fuel filter
  • fan motors
  • fan switch
  • oil drainage plugs
  • oil level sender
  • light switch